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Large Scale Interactive Coupled Modelling of Environmental Impacts of Marine Renewable Energy Farms

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Björn Elsäßer, Project Manager and Senior Project Engineer @DHI

Optimisation of Tidal Turbine Array Design and its Impact upon Performance

Dave Culley, Head of Product, Skyral Synthetic Environment Development Platform

Can we use Particle Tracking Models to Investigate Effects of Tidal Energy Device Arrays on Transport Processes?

Louise Kregting, Lecturer at Queen’s University Belfast

Potential effects of large-scale tidal energy extraction in the Pentland Firth on the biogeochemistry in the North Sea

Dr. Johan Van der Molen, CEFAS

Potential local and regional effects of large tidal energy device arrays on phytoplankton dynamics

Pia Schuchert, Marine Scientist

Measuring and Modelling Noise Emissions of Tidal Turbines

Pia Schuchert, Marine Scientist

Developing a web-based application to characterise potential impacts of MRECs on marine ecosystems and fisheries

Julian Metcalfe, Behavioural Ecologist at Cefas

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