About us

AS an organization We are working toward the promotion of wind energy education and our goals are aligned with some of the united nation sustainable development goals specifically

Quality Education

As an organization working in wind energy education, our goal is to gather and compile freely available high-class educational material on wind energy from different online sources and published it on our platform to provide equitable and inclusive educational opportunities for all

Affordable and Clean Energy

As an advocate of affordable and clean energy for all, our goal is to guide you about the best practices for building and installing wind energy systems for your own homes and offices.

Reduced inequality

Not many aspiring wind energy students and individuals who want to work in the wind industry from underdeveloped countries can afford high-quality education. Our goal is to bridge that gap, no one should be left behind. If you are curious and willing to learn about advanced and practical wind energy knowledge, then our platform will provide plenty of resources to help you to achieve your goal and we hope with learning from our platform, you will contribute to the future of sustainable development

Climate Action

With this platform, our goal is to make you aware of climate change and its repercussions if we don’t act in the right way. We will try to guide you about how we can save and preserve energy by using energy-efficient systems in our homes and through our behaviors by changing our habits.