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High-Performance Computing in Wind Energy Part 1

High-performance computing of wind turbine tip-vortex instability Slides Ardeshir Hanifi, Researcher at KTH – Royal Institute Of Technology Blade-resolved and actuator line CFD simulations of the flow through the NREL 5 MW wind turbine Slides Optimising CFD I/O through on-node non-volatile memory Slides Actuator Line Modeling in Large Eddy Simulations Slides LES Simulations of Wind…

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High-Performance Computing in Wind Energy Part 2

Shear, thermal stratification and turbulent entrainment: how do they affect wind turbine wakes Slides Blade-resolved simulations of the NREL offshore 5-MW baseline wind turbine Slides Wall-resolved high-fidelity fluid-structure interaction simulation of wind-turbine blade Slides Accuracy of actuator line model in wind turbine and wind farm simulations Slides Optimising CFD I/O through on-node non-volatile memory Slides…

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Farm Flow Control Workshop

00:00 Collective wind farm operation based on a predictive model increases utility-scale energy production – Michael Howland, MIT Civil and Environmental Engineering30:57 Overview of Wind Farm Control field test results obtained in the scope of SMARTEOLE project – Thomas Duc, ENGIE Green01:06:23 Highlights of CL-Windcon: Closed-Loop Wind Farm Control – Irene Eguinoa Erdozain, CENER01:32:18 Highlights…

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Total Control Wind Farm workshop

The workshop showed some of the progress of the TotalControl project, dealing with wind farm control.The individual talks are:0:02:10 Gunner Larsen: Overview of TotalControl aims and progress0:22:29 Elliot Simon: Full-Scale Measurements at Lillgrund Offshore Wind Farm0:34:18 Johan Meyers: High-fidelity wind-farm simulations and data sets0:59:30 Ervin Bossanyi: Field testing of controller enhancements on the 7MW Levenmouth…

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Certification of Wind Farm Control solutions

Summary of FarmConners position paper on certification and standardisation Turbine loading in wind farm control: requirements and modeling approach Ervin Bossanyi, Senior Principal Researcher in Renewables at DNV and visiting professor at Bristol University Proposals for WFC certification approaches and perspectives of OEM’s and operators Nikolai Hille,DNV GL RC Strategies to provide levelised loading during…

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The Value of Wind Farm Control

The agenda with jump marks to the individual talks: 00:00 Introduction and housekeeping with Johan Meyers, KU Leuven (mostly useful for the attendees)02:27 Konstanze Kölle, SINTEF: Overview and Introduction07:52 Nicolaos Cutululis, DTU: Power transmission, grid connection of wind farms45:27 Til Kristian Vrana, SINTEF: Grid codes, ancillary services – beyond maximum power tracking1:34:20 Peter De Cock,…

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Blade Element Momentum Theory

Wind turbine aerodynamics – introduction Wind turbine aerodynamics: part 1 – Basic fluid mechanics Wind turbine aerodynamics: part 2 – Basic aerodynamics Wind turbine aerodynamics: Part 3 – Momentum theory, the Betz limit and wake rotation Wind turbine aerodynamics: Part 4 – The blade element momentum model Anders Goude, Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor at the Department…

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High-Performance Computing in Wind Energy Research

Slides MODELLING & SIMULATION IN THE EXASCALE ERA Fluid Physics High Performance Computing Modeling Challenges of Wind Farms Towards industry LES for wind farm flows using GPU-based lattice Boltzmann solvers ENGINEERING HIGH COMPUTED NEEDS FOR OFFSHORE WIND DEVELOPMENTS


Grid Integration Workshop

The role of wind power in a 100% renewable energy world General aspects and options to integrate wind farms into the electricity grid Slides Prof. Siegfried Heier Wind power integration in India – Past experiences, challenges and way forward The future of energy: Integration and sector coupling as key tasks China’s grid integration especially in…