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Offshore Wind Noise Reduction

Session 1 Slides Summary of Existing Foundations, Installation Methods, and Effects Ralph Grismala, P.E, Civil and Environmental Engineer, ICF Alternative Foundations and Installation Methods Session 2 Slides Noise Monitoring and Received Level Target Overview Samuel denes, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Noise Abatement/ Mitigation Systems for impact pile- driving Technical overview and offshore experiences


Wind Farm Design – Being a Good Neighbour

Best Practices for Community Engagement and Public Consultation Turbine Supply Agreements Health Impacts and Exposure to Wind Turbine Noise: Research Design and Noise Exposure Assessment David S. Michaud, Principal Investigator, Consumer and Clinical Radiation Protection Bureau, Healthy Environments and Consumer Safety Branch, Health Canada Improved aeroacoustics and noise management options


National Guidelines and Human Perception of Noise

Survey of noise regulations and guidelines across the EU Angeliki Koulouri, Research Officer, European Wind Energy Association – EWEA, Belgium Affective response to noise from wind turbines Sabine von Hunerbein, University of Salford, UK https://www.linkedin.com/in/sabine-von-h%C3%BCnerbein-29887211/ Noise impacts: is wind turbine noise really so different from other types of environmental noise Ian Flindell, Institute of Sound…