Grid Integration Workshop

The role of wind power in a 100% renewable energy world

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Dr. Jami Hossain, Technical Chair, World Wind Energy Association

General aspects and options to integrate wind farms into the electricity grid

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Prof. Siegfried Heier

Wind power integration in India – Past experiences, challenges and way forward

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VK AGRAWAL, Technical Director at South Asia Regional Initiative for Energy Integration SARI/EI/IRADe

The future of energy: Integration and sector coupling as key tasks

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Roland Roesch, Acting Director Innovation and Technology Center at International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

China’s grid integration especially in intelligent microgrid and energy storage

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Xinyu Zhang, Shenzhen Quant-Cloud Energy Network Technology (MingYang Smart Energy)

Decentralised energy systems as basis for successful wind power integration

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Tonny Brink, Experienced Wind Turbine Specialist

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