Electrical Systems of Floating wind Turbines

Session 1

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The changing role of electrical systems in the offshore wind sector

Paul McKeever, Head of Electrical Research at ORE Catapult

Design of dynamic cable for floating platforms

Francesco Boscolo Papo, Offshore Energy engineer specialized in Mooring system and Dynamic cable design for floating platforms

Dynamic Cable Design

Alistair Lee, Moorings and Cables Engineer at Principle Power France

Session 2

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Dynamic cable research at WavEC – Layout optimization & bending experiments

Manuel Rentschler, Research Engineer at WavEC – Offshore Renewables

The use of project management to reduce costs

Amorina Gonzalez Armayor, Project Manager at WavEC – Offshore Renewables

Review on floating offshore wind farm design: identification of the interactions between subsystems

Matteo Baudino Bessone, Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult

Offshore wind potential in Costa Rica: Boosting a plan towards road map

Rodrigo Rojas, Offshore Energy Task Force at ICE Costa Rica. Regional Coordinator of REMAR-Cyted. Coordinator of INORE

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