How Does Wind Turbine blades are Transported?

Turbine blade convoy passing through Edenfield in the UK

The components of a wind turbine need to be transported from the factories to the wind farm where they will be installed.

The difficulty is that current wind blades are very large, being able to be 100 meters long, or even more.

Wind farms are usually far from the component factories and are places of difficult access (with
narrow lanes, curves,steep stretches and unpaved).

wind turbine blade transport along the corner of road

To facilitate transport, the wind blades can be split, that is, manufactured in 2 parts and mounted on the wind farm.

Wind Turbine blade transport in the middle of a road

Logistics is responsible for the transport, handling and storage of components and materials for the construction of the wind farm.

As the wind industry evolves, logistics also get more complex. Logistics needs to seek solutions that reduce risks and operational costs, ensuring safe and quality transport.

Juliana Lucena, Dr. in Energy (UFPE), Production Engineer (USP), Professor at the Federal Network

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