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Mingyang OceanX Floating Wind Platform Completed its Tower Hoisting

30 June 2024 =OceanX, the world’s largest floating wind power platform developed by Mingyang Smart Energy, has successfully completed its tower hoisting. This milestone marks a pivotal moment in the advancement of sustainable energy solutions.

OceanX boasts a total capacity of 16.6MW, powered by two MySE8.3-180 super compact hybrid drive wind turbines featuring counter-rotating rotors. These innovative turbines are designed to maximize efficiency and energy production.

The platform’s V-shaped tower is a standout feature, characterized by long and elliptical cross-sections. This design not only enhances production efficiency but also significantly reduces loads, ensuring stability even in extreme typhoon conditions.

Accessing the platform is made easy with both lift and stair options inside the tower, ensuring convenient and safe navigation for maintenance and operations personnel.

Moreover, the tower’s lightweight design is made possible by pre-tensioned guy ropes that share the gravity load. This innovative approach not only reduces the overall weight of the tower but also ensures its robustness and reliability.

The successful completion of the tower hoisting for OceanX is a testament to Mingyang Smart Energy’s commitment to pioneering advanced renewable energy technologies. This achievement not only sets a new benchmark in the floating wind power industry but also underscores the potential for scalable, sustainable energy solutions in the face of global energy challenges.

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