Peel Ply in Wind Turbine blade Manufacturing

Peel-ply fabrics are indispensable materials in the manufacturing process of wind turbine blades.

Peel ply is the name of the synthetic fabric that is placed on the surface of the composite of fibers and resin, in the vacuum infusion process or vacuum bag.

Peel ply fabrics are generally made of polyamide (nylon) or polyester, in different types of textures, which produce a specific roughness for each type of structure in the laminate.

After the resin cures, the peel ply is removed from the laminate and you have a piece with
a perfectly smooth surface that is ready for quick sanding, or for the next application of fiber and resin.

These fabrics are produced in such a way that they can be easily removed even under the most rigid bonding conditions.

Generally, the weight of peel-ply fabric varies between 65 and 85 g/m², the heavier ones being
more resistant to demoulding.

Juliana Lucena, Dr. in Energy (UFPE), Production Engineer (USP), Professor at the Federal Network

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