RWE and Smålandshamnar AB Team Up to Explore Port of Oskarshamn’s Potential as Baltic Sea Offshore Wind Hub

RWE, a global leader in offshore wind energy, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Smålandshamnar AB, the operator of the Port of Oskarshamn, to explore the port’s potential as a logistics and operations hub for offshore wind projects in the Baltic Sea. This strategic partnership aims to bolster Sweden’s offshore wind capacity and support regional economic growth.

Port of Oskarshamn

The collaboration will initially focus on assessing the requirements and necessary investments to expand the port’s capacity to handle logistics, installation, and maintenance activities for RWE’s planned offshore wind farms. By developing the Port of Oskarshamn, the partners aim to ensure efficient logistical support, crucial for the success and scalability of offshore wind projects.

Matilda Machacek, Vice President of Offshore Development Nordics at RWE Offshore Wind, expressed excitement about the partnership, emphasizing the significant potential of offshore wind in Sweden. “For better logistics and more efficient operations, and for the viability of offshore wind in Sweden, it is important that we have harbors close to the projects,” she stated. “This will result in growth for both neighboring ports and the surrounding regions.”

Rickard Olsen Pella, Project Manager at RWE Offshore Wind, highlighted the transformative potential of offshore wind farms on local ports, noting their ability to drive economic benefits and job creation.

Niclas Strömqvist, CEO of Smålandshamnar AB, praised the collaboration, noting that the Port of Oskarshamn is already a leading harbor for onshore wind components and is strategically positioned in the Baltic Sea to support offshore wind needs. He emphasized the broader economic benefits, including job creation and regional growth, that such developments can bring.

RWE, with over 20 years of experience in offshore wind, currently operates 19 offshore wind farms across Europe and is expanding its global capacity with ambitious projects like Denmark’s largest offshore wind farm, Thor. This collaboration with the Port of Oskarshamn, along with a similar agreement with the Port of Karlshamn, underscores RWE’s commitment to expanding offshore wind infrastructure and supporting the green transition in Sweden.

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