Diagram of Wind Turbine

Schematic Diagram of Wind Turbine

Diagram of Wind Turbine

Diagram of Wind Turbine

A schematic diagram of a wind turbine provides a visual representation of its essential components and how they work together to harness wind energy. A wind turbine’s schematic diagram offers a simplified yet insightful view into the process behind transforming wind energy into electricity.

Here’s a brief overview of the key elements typically included in such a diagram.


The tall structure that supports the entire wind turbine. The tower elevates the rotor to capture higher and more consistent wind speeds


The rotating part of the wind turbine that consists of blades attached to a hub. The rotor captures the kinetic energy of the wind.


Aerodynamically designed structures that catch the wind and convert its energy into rotational motion. The number and shape of blades can vary depending on the turbine design.


The central component to which the blades are attached. The hub connects the rotor to the main shaft.


The housing or casing that contains the critical components, such as the gearbox, generator, and other electronic controls. It is typically located behind the rotor and atop the tower.


In some designs, a gearbox is used to increase the rotational speed of the rotor before it reaches the generator. This optimizes the generator’s efficiency


Converts the mechanical energy from the rotating shaft into electrical energy. This is where electricity generation takes place

Controls and Monitoring System

A network of sensors and a control system continuously monitor wind speed, direction, turbine performance, and other vital parameters. This system adjusts the blade pitch and other aspects to optimize power generation while ensuring safe operation within wind speed limits.

Electrical Connections

The generated electricity travels through cables down the tower to a transformer, which adjusts the voltage for transmission to the power grid.

Yaw System

The mechanism that allows the turbine to turn and face the wind. This ensures the blades are always aligned with the oncoming wind for optimal energy capture


Measures the wind speed and provides data for the turbine control system to adjust the orientation of the turbine

Wind Vane

Determines the wind direction and assists the yaw system in aligning the turbine properly.

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