Siemens Gamesa Wind Turbine Blade Factory Secures DKK 162.2 Million Funding in Aalborg

Siemens Gamesa, a leading member of Aalborg Renewables, has received a significant investment of DKK 162.2 million from the Green Investment Fund. The funding was announced by Minister of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs Morten Bødskov and marks a major step forward for green technology in Aalborg.

Siemens Gamesa Wind Turbine

The investment will facilitate a major expansion of Siemens Gamesa’s wind turbine blade factory at the East Port in Aalborg, reinforcing the company’s commitment to sustainable energy. The expansion, supported by Aalborg City Council’s local plan, will cover approximately 400,000 square meters and will be used for blade storage.

This development demonstrates Siemens Gamesa’s dedication to renewable energy and reducing carbon footprint. The expanded factory will enable the company to increase its production capacity, contributing to the global transition towards sustainable energy solutions.

As a proud member of Aalborg Renewables, Siemens Gamesa’s investment boost aligns with the city’s vision for a greener future. This collaboration showcases the collective commitment to driving innovation and growth in the renewable energy sector.

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