The role of hydrogen in a renewable economy

Global role of hydrogen

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John Sheffield, Professor of Engineering Technology at Purdue University

Prospects for renewable hydrogen in Europe

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Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, CEO, Hydrogen Europe

Green Hydrogen in and from Australia

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Tristram Travers, Executive Director at H2U – the Hydrogen Utility

Introduction to the German Hydrogen Strategy

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Lucia Seißler, National Organisation Hydrogen, and Fuel Cell Technology NOW GmbH

Eastern Europe: Energy independence through green hydrogen – and more

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Yevgen Mykhalchenko, Chairman of the Board of Directors at East European Association for the Development of the Hydrogen Economy

Developing a national strategy for hydrogen

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Badr Ikken, Executive Chairman of Gi3 – Green Innov Industry Investment / Managing Partner of Gi2 – Consulting and Engineering firm in the energy transition

Green hydrogen building MENA’s future renewable economy

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Khalid Benhamou, Chef d’entreprise, Sahara Wind

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