Sany wind turbine blade testing facility.
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China Sany Renewable Energy Unveils Groundbreaking Test Facility for Giant 30MW Wind Turbine Blades

Sany wind turbine blade testing facility.

The Sany blade test facility, featuring a dual-axis ground-based exciter for simulating real-world forces experienced by wind turbine blades. (Photo Credit: Sany RE)

Sany Renewable Energy, a division of the Chinese industrial giant Sany Group, has taken a major step forward in the wind energy ‘arms race’ with a new test facility capable of handling the immense blades required for ultra-powerful 30MW wind turbines.

The company’s innovative dual-axis ground-based exciter simulates the real-world forces experienced by wind turbine blades during operation. This cutting-edge technology allows Sany to fatigue-test blades exceeding 100 meters in length – a crucial step in the development of these massive turbines.

Industry-Leading Capabilities

“This is the first integrated fatigue testing system for ultra-long blades in China, satisfying the verification demands of 30MW-class wind turbines,” said Sany RE, which recently launched a 131-meter blade – the longest ever produced for onshore wind power.

Giant 131-meter wind turbine blade manufactured by Sany Renewable Energy.
Sany Renewable Energy sets a record with its 131-meter wind turbine blade, the longest ever produced for onshore wind

While Sany has no immediate plans for a 30MW turbine, the new facility underscores China’s dominance in pushing the boundaries of wind turbine size. Chinese manufacturers are boldly pursuing both onshore and offshore turbines significantly larger than those currently planned by their Western counterparts.

Advantages of the Dual-Axis System

Sany’s dual-axis system offers several advantages over traditional single-axis testing methods:

  • Realistic Simulation: Mimics both edge-wise and flap-wise loads experienced by blades in real-life scenarios.
  • Efficiency: Shortens testing time by approximately one-third.
  • Accuracy: Provides direct measurement of applied force and blade movement for precise data analysis.
sany-test-field Photo : Sany RE

“The system, which is an important part of the multi-level verification system of SANY Renewable Energy wind turbines, can realize high-efficiency, high-precision, and low-risk test and verification of ultra-large wind blades,” Sany Renewable Energy stated.

Sany’s groundbreaking test facility paves the way for the next generation of wind turbines, capable of generating even more clean energy from a single installation. As the global shift toward renewable energy sources accelerates, China’s technological advancements are driving rapid progress in the wind power sector.

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