Industry Leaders launch Four New Challenges in Floating Offshore Wind

The floating offshore wind sector is at the forefront of the evolving renewable energy landscape. To drive innovation, four industry leaders – Vattenfall & Seagust, Equinor, Deep Wind Offshore & EDF Renewables, and Å Energi & Corio – have launched challenges through the NOW Accelerator program.

These challenges aim to enhance economic efficiency, promote sustainability, develop new drilling techniques, and improve environmental monitoring in floating offshore wind production.

Vattenfall & Seagust seek to optimize electricity production and increase profitability. Equinor focuses on sustainable end-of-life management of floating substructures.

Deep Wind Offshore & EDF Renewables aim to develop efficient drilling techniques for hard rock foundations. Å Energi & Corio target innovative environmental monitoring technologies for floating offshore wind farms.

The NOW Accelerator program, supported by Wazoku’s Open Innovation platform, encourages collaboration between startups, scale-ups, and corporate partners to drive cutting-edge solutions. The challenges highlight critical areas for innovation, and the program offers a unique opportunity for innovators to make a significant impact. By addressing these challenges, the industry can move towards a sustainable and efficient renewable energy future.

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