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Deep Wind Offshore Partners with Ellevio to Accelerate Offshore Wind Project in Sweden

In a significant move to enhance Sweden’s renewable energy infrastructure, Deep Wind Offshore has entered into a long-term partnership with Swedish electricity grid company Ellevio. This collaboration aims to expedite the development of the Olof Skötkonung offshore wind farm in the Gulf of Bothnia.

Johan Lindehag, CEO Ellevio.

Deep Wind Offshore and Ellevio will work together to explore innovative models for both onshore and offshore electricity grids, aiming to accelerate climate adaptation for industrial customers. The Olof Skötkonung project, located northeast of Gävleborg and Uppsala counties, is set to feature up to 70 wind turbines, with a capacity to produce up to 7.5 terawatt-hours (TWh) of electricity annually.

“We see that Olof Skötkonung will play an important role in the energy transition as early as the 2030s. If we get our permits, we can start delivering relatively quickly,” said Knut Vassbotn, CEO of Deep Wind Offshore. “Partnering with a leading Swedish energy company like Ellevio gives us the opportunity to accelerate the delivery from the project.”

For Ellevio, this project is part of a broader, multibillion-dollar strategy to expand its operations by developing and owning electricity grids that connect offshore wind farms to the Swedish grid. The company, which has already collaborated with OX2 and Ingka Investments on the Galene offshore wind farm, sees offshore wind power as a crucial component of Sweden’s future energy mix.

“Offshore wind power will take an increasingly larger place in the Swedish energy mix as we increase energy production, and Olof Skötkonung is a strong project we are eager to work on,” said Kristofer Fröjd, Head of Strategy & Business Development at Ellevio. “Deep Wind Offshore, like us, has a long-term perspective on operations and ownership, which makes us a very good match.”

In addition to the Olof Skötkonung project, Deep Wind Offshore has unveiled plans for another gigawatt-scale offshore wind farm, the Erik Segersäll floating offshore wind farm, situated about 74 kilometers east of Nynäshamn. This project will also provide electricity to mainland Sweden and Gotland, further solidifying Sweden’s commitment to renewable energy.

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