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Dajin Begins Foundation Manufacturing for RWE’s Nordseecluster Offshore Wind Project

Dajin has officially commenced the manufacturing process for the foundations of RWE’s Nordseecluster A, marking a significant milestone with a first cutting ceremony on May 28th. This event signifies the project’s transition into the production phase.

The Nordseecluster A project employs a TP-LESS design, an innovative approach that enhances both structural integrity and cost-efficiency. This design choice represents a major advancement in engineering, aimed at improving the overall reliability and effectiveness of the offshore wind farm.

Key to the project’s success is the precise welding of second steel attachments and templates, ensuring high-quality standards are met throughout the manufacturing process. These enhancements contribute to the robustness and dependability of the foundations being produced.

Dajin’s Penglai facility is currently managing three concurrent projects, highlighting the company’s exceptional capacity for coordination and management. This multi-project execution underlines Dajin’s dedication to maintaining a seamless and timely progression of each initiative, upholding its reputation for excellence.

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