Final Transition Piece Installed at Moray West Offshore Wind Farm

The Moray West offshore wind farm in Scotland has achieved another significant milestone with the successful installation of transition pieces by the offshore installation vessel ‘Apollo’. This marks the latest phase in the project, following the completion of monopile installations by the vessel ‘Orion’ in April.

The installation process utilized innovative bolting tools and custom-designed large handling equipment for the 90-millimeter diameter M90 bolts. These tools ensured a safe and efficient installation of the transition pieces, which are crucial components connecting the monopiles to the wind turbine generators (WTG).

The project, developed in partnership with Ocean Winds, is set to install 15 MW wind turbine generators. Once operational, the Moray West offshore wind farm will generate 882 MW of power, sufficient to supply electricity to over 1.3 million homes.

The successful completion of these installations highlights the commitment and expertise of the crew and project team, showcasing strong collaboration and innovative engineering solutions in advancing renewable energy infrastructure.

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