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Deep Wind Offshore Submits Application for 1.5 GW Floating Wind Farm in Sweden

Offshore wind developer Deep Wind Offshore has submitted an application to the Swedish government to develop and operate a floating offshore wind project in the Baltic Sea, located approximately 74 kilometers east of Nynäshamn, outside Stockholm. This project, named Erik Segersäll, marks the company’s second major wind farm proposal in Sweden, following their earlier application for the Olof Skötkonung bottom-fixed wind farm in the Bothnian Sea.


In the first phase, the Erik Segersäll wind farm will have an installed capacity of 1.5 gigawatts (GW) and is expected to generate around 6.5 terawatt-hours (TWh) of electricity annually. This output is equivalent to the total annual electricity consumption of Stockholm, underscoring the project’s potential to significantly contribute to the region’s energy needs.

The Swedish Maritime and Water Authority has designated the site as suitable for wind power, supporting the development of the wind farm. Over multiple phases, the project could expand to a total installed capacity of 4.5 GW, producing up to 19.5 TWh annually, which would meet the electricity needs of the Stockholm region’s 2.5 million residents.

Deep Wind Offshore’s CEO, Knut Vassbotn, expressed satisfaction with the progress in Sweden, stating, “After three years in the Swedish market, we are very pleased to have submitted applications for one fixed and one floating project. We have already reached an important milestone in the first project, which confirms our strong pipeline.”

The company aims to work with local suppliers and contribute to local economic growth. This strategy includes employing local staff to drive projects forward, enhancing their presence and operational capacity in Sweden.

The first project, Olof Skötkonung, is expected to generate up to 7.5 TWh annually, sufficient to cover a significant portion of the electricity consumption in the Gävleborg and Uppsala counties.

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