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DTEK Renewables Secures Grid Connection for 650 MW Wind Power Plant in Poltava Region, Ukraine

29 June 2024 –DTEK Renewables, a leading Ukrainian renewable energy company, has received technical specifications to connect its 650 MW Poltavska Wind Power Plant to the national energy grid. This marks a significant step towards the project’s implementation, with construction slated to begin in 2025 following the necessary design and permitting processes.

According to Oleg Solovei, Deputy CEO of DTEK Renewables, wind energy is strategically important for Ukraine’s energy sector due to its speed of construction, dispersed turbines, and high generation capacity during peak seasons. The company is committed to harnessing wind energy to drive the country’s energy renewal.

To ensure accurate wind monitoring, a second meteorological mast has been installed in the Hlobynska community, joining the first mast to form the largest wind monitoring system in Ukraine, with a height of 160 meters. The team is also conducting ornithological surveys to ensure the wind farm’s layout does not interfere with bird migration patterns.

With the technical specifications in hand, DTEK Renewables will proceed with the design of the power collection substation and prepare for construction.

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