The Goldwind GW-252 16 MW Offshore Wind Turbine
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The Goldwind GW-252 16 MW Offshore Wind Turbine

The Goldwind GW-252 16 MW Offshore Wind Turbine

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The Goldwind has recently installed the world’s first 16 MW offshore wind turbine. This remarkable engineering achievement signifies a major stride towards sustainable energy and sets a precedent for global renewable efforts

In this post, we will highlights the features of their newly installed wind turbine.

Larger Swept Area

The wind turbine has a rotor diameter of 252 meters which surrounds a sweeping area of 50,000 square meters equivalent to seven standard football fields.

Integrated Design Support Structure

Significantly optimizes the loading on the structure, reduces structural weight, reduces cost, and improves design efficiency

Smarter Wind Turbine

Sensing devices are used over the body to achieve early perception, active control, and optimal matching

LIDARS monitors weather data in real-time and switches operations autonomously and fearless in extreme weather.

High Powered and Super Sized Main Bearings

High-Quality grade of electro slag remelting steel, Dynamic simulation to ensure strength and high reliability of main bearings

Efficient and reliable transmission system

Guarantee power conversion and provide excellent power output

Optimized Sea Area

Compared with 8 MW units, reduce the machine numbers nearly to half, save sea area by more than 35% , increase power generation by 6%, and increase yield by more than 10%

ETOP cabin integrated design

Reduce offshore operation time, one button startup without debugging improves overall machine efficiency

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