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16 MW Offshore Wind Turbine installed in Fujian Wind farm,China


China makes history with the world’s first 16 MW offshore wind turbine installation

It has achieved a groundbreaking milestone by successfully installing the world’s first 16 MW offshore wind turbine near a wind farm located in the southeastern province of Fujian.

located 35 kilometers offshore. With its record-breaking capacity, it generates an incredible 34.2 kWh of power with just one full turn.

The project was a joint effort between GoldWind and China Three Gorges Corporation. The turbine is now Fully operational and connected to the grid.

Powering 36000 families

Yearly, it generates an incredible 66 million kWh of power, meeting the energy needs of approximately 36,000 families of three.

Not stopping there, it also saves an impressive 22,000 tonnes of standard coal and reduces carbon dioxide emissions by a remarkable 54,000 tonnes.

Installation Challanges

The installation process of this mega wind turbine posed remarkable challenges, mainly due to its immense size and the increasing wind-exposed surface area with each added blade. To ensure structural stability, the team had to install the third blade seamlessly, without interruption.

Watch the installation highlights of !6 MW offshore wind turbine

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