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Västra Götaland County Administrative Board Recommends Permit for Mareld Offshore Wind Farm

The County Administrative Board of Västra Götaland has recommended that the government grant a permit for the Mareld offshore wind farm. This decision, which has been in preparation for some time, marks the second offshore wind project proposed by the board, potentially powering 1.2 million households annually.

The Mareld wind farm is proposed by Mareld Green Energy AB and is set to generate 12 TWh of fossil-free electricity each year. Located about 40 kilometers west of Lysekil and Orust, the wind farm will cover approximately 306 square kilometers with a maximum of 165 wind turbines, each up to 350 meters tall. This project is critical for meeting the region’s escalating electricity needs, expected to rise from 5.7 TWh in 2021 to 55 TWh by 2045.

Jörgen Peters, the county director of Västra Götaland, emphasized the importance of integrating various fossil-free energy sources, including wind power, to support the green transition and electrification of industries and transport sectors. “Västra Götaland is facing a comprehensive green transition,” Peters said. “To meet the additional electricity demand, we need a balanced mix of fossil-free energy types.”

The board’s decision followed extensive consultations and assessments, balancing interests such as commercial fishing, shipping, marine life, and environmental impact. Monique Wannding, head of the Environmental Protection Department, stated, “We see both possible positive and negative aspects. After a balanced assessment, we concluded that the benefits of Mareld outweigh the drawbacks as it contributes to reducing climate impact and supports regional development.”

The board has also highlighted issues requiring government attention, including matters related to the Armed Forces, commercial fishing, and natural values in Denmark. Peters noted, “No electricity production can be expanded without goal conflicts. If these conflicts are not addressed, it will negatively affect the county’s regional development and climate change mitigation efforts.”

The Mareld wind farm’s approval is now in the hands of the government, which will make the final decision based on the board’s recommendation and comprehensive evaluations.

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