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OnPath Energy Completes Kype Muir Extension Wind Farm

OnPath Energy has announced the completion of its Kype Muir Extension Wind Farm, located in South Lanarkshire. The project features 15 ultra-powerful turbines, including four at 156 meters, three at 176 meters, and eight at 200 meters, making it the first in the UK to achieve 200-meter tip heights.


The Kype Muir Extension Wind Farm is expected to generate up to 67.2 MW of renewable electricity, meeting the annual energy needs of approximately 53,700 households. In combination with the existing Kype Muir Wind Farm, the extension will offset carbon emissions equivalent to removing 30,700 petrol cars from the road each year.

This milestone project demonstrates OnPath Energy’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, supporting Scotland’s net-zero goals. The wind farm’s construction phase has also brought significant economic benefits to the local community, with an estimated lifetime regional spend of around £123M.

Gordon Thomson, Projects Director at OnPath Energy, expressed his pride in the team’s hard work and dedication to creating a cleaner, greener Scotland. The completion of the Kype Muir Extension Wind Farm marks a significant step forward in Scotland’s transition to renewable energy.

The Kype Muir and Kype Muir Extension wind farms will generate over 155MW of electricity each year, enough to supply renewable electricity to more than 123,000 homes, equivalent to a city larger than Aberdeen.

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