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ENMARO and Pondera Consult to Drive Polish Offshore Wind Projects

ENMARO and Pondera Consult have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen their cooperation in Poland’s offshore wind industry. The agreement aims to leverage their combined expertise to source, define, and target potential offshore wind project opportunities in Poland.

Poland has set ambitious targets to develop its offshore wind sector, with 5.9 GW already secured through Contracts for Difference and plans to procure additional capacity to reach 18 GW by 2031.

ENMARO brings its knowledge and know-how in engineering, consulting, modeling, and strategic investment decisions, while Pondera Consult offers its expertise in all aspects of renewable energy projects, from feasibility studies to operation and maintenance.

“The cooperation between ENMARO and Pondera Consult will add value to the offshore wind industry in Poland,” said Andrzej Wołczyk, Vice-Chairman of ENMARO. “Our team has extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in the whole OWF value chain.”

“Pondera Consult is experienced in working with different cultures and is familiar with the technical, financial, legal, and management challenges that investors face,” added Egbert Jansen, Team Lead Owner’s Engineering of Pondera Consult B.V. “We believe that our cooperation will help Poland pursue its offshore wind ambitions.”

The agreement was signed in Świnoujście, Poland, during the Polish Wind Energy Association (PWEA) Conference.

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