First Transition Pieces for the 2.5 GW Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind project Unloaded at US Port

The first load of Transition Pieces (TPs) for the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind (CVOW) project has arrived at the Portsmouth Marine Terminal in Virginia, USA. This marks a significant milestone in the project’s progress.

firstTransition pieces for the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind project

The journey began on April 24, as the MV Sun Rise set sail from CS WIND Offshore in Aalborg, Denmark, carrying six TPs. After a successful voyage, the vessel arrived at the terminal, where the TPs were received by Dominion Energy.

Favorable weather conditions, with low wind speeds and clear skies, enabled a smooth load-in operation. The achievement was met with joy and relief by the teams involved.

The MV Sun Rise is expected to return to Aalborg soon, ready to transport the next batch of TPs. This achievement showcases the project’s momentum and highlights the collaboration and expertise of the teams involved.

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