World's Largest Typhoon-Resistant Wind Turbine is now operation in China
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EU Considers Ban on Chinese Wind Turbines, Citing Cybersecurity Risks

The European Union (EU) is seriously considering a ban on wind turbines made outside of Europe. This is due to rising concerns about cybersecurity risks and the growing influence of Chinese wind Turbine manufacturers.

World's Largest Typhoon-Resistant Wind Turbine is now operation in China

The EU is looking at a strategy similar to the one it used to limit the Chinese tech company Huawei’s role in its communication networks. This move reflects a desire to protect both Europe’s security and support its own wind energy companies.

The EU is considering new rules that would allow countries to reject foreign-made wind turbines if they don’t meet strict cybersecurity standards. The worry is that wind turbines with security flaws could be hacked, allowing outsiders to steal information or even disrupt power supplies.

Some experts are concerned about where the data collected by wind turbines is sent. Others believe there’s little sensitive information to gain from accessing a turbine. However, even those less concerned acknowledge that hackers could cause problems if they managed to control many wind turbines at once.

The EU is set to pass a new law in April 2024 called the Net Zero Industry Act. Part of this law will likely toughen cybersecurity rules for renewable energy projects. From 2026 onwards, wind farms that want government support must meet these new standards, though the exact details are still being worked out.

European wind turbine makers are pushing for strict rules, hoping to give themselves an advantage. The EU wants to find a balance between strong cybersecurity and flexibility for each country. This debate over foreign wind turbines is likely to continue as Europe looks to expand renewable energy while protecting its critical infrastructure.


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