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ACCIONA Energía Repowers Tahivilla Wind Farm in Tarifa, Cádiz

ACCIONA Energía, a leading global operator in renewable energies, has unveiled plans for the repowering of the Tahivilla wind farm located in Tarifa, Cádiz. This ambitious project involves replacing the existing 98 wind turbines with 13 modern Nordex turbines, marking a significant step towards enhancing the efficiency and productivity of the facility.


The repowering process, slated to commence this year, will see the gradual dismantling of the old turbines followed by the installation of the new, state-of-the-art models. Operations are set to commence by 2026, promising a rejuvenated wind farm poised for increased energy generation.

Upon completion, the repowered Tahivilla wind farm will boast a boosted capacity, soaring from 78.4MW to 84.4MW, while maintaining its export capacity. More impressively, the production capacity will surge by an astounding 72%, translating into clean electricity generation equivalent to powering 73,000 Spanish households, a substantial leap from the previous 42,000 homes.

Repowering a wind farm involves the substitution of aging turbines with newer, more efficient models, optimizing performance and elevating energy generation capabilities. This process not only modernizes existing infrastructure but also aligns with sustainability goals, leveraging cutting-edge technology to harness renewable energy more effectively.

The advantages of repowering extend beyond mere efficiency gains. Repowered wind farms enjoy greater social acceptance, benefitting from established community awareness and support for renewable energy initiatives. Moreover, they entail a significantly reduced environmental footprint compared to building new installations, as they make efficient use of existing infrastructure and require fewer components.

In Spain, the repowering potential is substantial, with an estimated 7.4GW of existing wind farms ripe for rejuvenation. This represents a significant opportunity to amplify renewable energy capacity, potentially adding between 4GW to 15GW to the nation’s electricity grid.

Funding for the Tahivilla wind farm repowering project has been secured through the EU-funded NextGenerationEU Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience Plan (PRTR), with an allocation of €8.3 million. This support underscores the pivotal role of such initiatives in advancing Europe’s green energy transition and fostering economic recovery.

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