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Hai Long Wind Project Achieves Successful Installation of Offshore Substation Jackets

The Hai Long Project has reached a significant milestone with the successful installation of offshore substation (OSS) jackets at the Hai Long Offshore Windfarm Project. CDWE accomplished this feat with the help of the Green Jade vessel, which transported and installed the jackets and piles supplied by barge.

Each OSS jacket is a large, four-legged structure with skirt piles driven into the jacket sleeve. The skirt piles, weighing approximately 1000 tons each with a diameter of 4.4 meters, are significantly larger than the first-generation monopiles.

To safely upend these massive piles, TWD collaborated with CDWE to design dedicated upending hinges. This innovative solution addressed the challenges of allowing pile movement during the upending operation on a floating barge while ensuring the strength of the barge deck.

The TWD Team in Taiwan provided local assistance to CSBC-DEME Wind Engineering, contributing to the successful completion of this phase of the project. The Hai Long Project continues to make progress, pushing the boundaries of offshore wind farm development.

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