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Belgium and Germany to Investigate Hybrid Interconnection for Offshore Wind Farms

Belgian Energy Minister Tinne Van der Straeten and German Energy State Secretary Philipp Nimmermann have agreed to explore the development of a hybrid interconnection between their offshore wind farms, despite not sharing a direct sea border. The project aims to contribute to a meshed offshore grid in the North Sea and leverage regional potential for wind energy.

Belwind offshore wind project

The Belgian and German grid operators will investigate options for the project, potentially involving other countries and grid operators, and submit a report to the ministers by the next North Sea Summit. The new interconnector will complement the existing ALEGrO interconnection, which has been operational since 2020, with a follow-up project already in progress.

Both countries have set ambitious targets for offshore wind energy, with Belgium aiming for 6 GW capacity by 2030 and 8 GW by 2040, and Germany targeting at least 30 GW by 2030 and 70 GW by 2045. Earlier this year, Germany launched two tenders offering a total offshore wind capacity of 8 GW in the North Sea.

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