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Mingyang and BASF Receive Approval for 500 MW Offshore Wind Farm Project

The Xuwen Dongsan Offshore Wind Power Demonstration Project, a joint venture between Mingyang Smart Energy and BASF, has received approval in Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province, China.

Mingyang Offshore Wind Turbine

The project has a capacity of 500 MW and is scheduled to begin construction in 2024, with a target to achieve grid-connected power generation by the end of 2025.

This project is set to become a cornerstone in supplying green power to BASF’s integrated base in Zhanjiang, supporting its transformation into a global benchmark for the green, low-carbon, and sustainable chemical industry.

The collaboration promises to bring forth safer and more cost-effective wind power technologies by merging Mingyang Smart Energy’s prowess in renewable energy with BASF’s expertise in advanced materials.

As a key partner, Mingyang Smart Energy is poised to utilize its leading clean energy equipment and solutions to catalyze greener, more sustainable projects, thereby accelerating the industry’s path to eco-friendly and low-carbon development.

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