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Proposal for Permitting 1.5 GW Aurora Offshore Wind Farm Submitted to Government

The County Administrative Board of Gotland County has submitted a proposal to the Swedish government regarding the permit application for the Aurora offshore wind farm under the Swedish Economic Zone Act. This significant project, proposed by AUR Energipark AB, aims to build and operate up to 370 wind turbines south of Gotland, approximately 20 kilometers from Hoburgen. If approved, Wind Park Aurora could become Sweden’s largest wind farm, producing 24 TWh of fossil-free electricity annually—enough to power about five million households.

The county governor, Anders Flanking, emphasized the importance of this project for Sweden’s green transition, noting that an increase in energy production from diverse sources, including wind power, is essential for the country’s ongoing electrification efforts.

However, the proposal comes with several complex considerations. The county board’s assessment supports granting the permit, provided conditions are imposed to mitigate negative impacts on national interests such as shipping, aviation, commercial fishing, Natura 2000 areas, migratory birds, and marine cultural remains.

Despite this support, there are notable conflicts. The National Antiquities Authority has opposed the permit, citing significant damage to the cultural environment of southern Gotland and Öland. The Swedish Armed Forces have also raised concerns about substantial harm to national defense interests, though the details are confidential.

Stefan Persson, head of the county board’s environment and water unit, acknowledged these challenges, stating that balancing energy production with the preservation of cultural and defense interests is complex. The current lack of national interest designation for energy production in the Aurora area complicates the decision. The Swedish Energy Agency is reviewing national interests for energy production, with a partial report expected in the autumn.

If the government finds a way to balance these conflicting interests, the board’s overall assessment favors the energy interest. Flanking highlighted the crucial role of expanding electricity production to support business growth, job creation, and the transition to a fossil-free society.

The government will now review the proposal and make the final decision on whether Wind Park Aurora will move forward.

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