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RWE Begins Site Investigation for Canopy Offshore Wind Project in Northern California

RWE has announced the initiation of site investigation surveys for its Canopy Offshore Wind Farm project off the coast of Northern California. This significant milestone marks the beginning of the development of RWE’s first commercial-scale floating offshore wind farm. The Canopy project, with a planned capacity of 1.6 GW, aims to provide clean energy to approximately 640,000 homes.

The site investigation will collect data on the federal lease area and the surrounding waters to inform the project’s design. Argeo, a subsea service provider renowned for its expertise in clean energy projects, has been selected to lead the survey work. The surveys will utilize an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) to gather detailed geophysical and biological data, which will help in the responsible and sustainable planning of the wind farm.

“Surveying is an important step on the path toward developing Canopy Offshore Wind and helping provide clean energy that meets California’s ambitious climate goals,” said Sam Eaton, CEO of RWE Offshore Wind Holdings. RWE emphasizes engaging local communities, including Humboldt residents, Tribal Nations, and the fishing community, to ensure inclusive development.

To safeguard marine wildlife during the survey, certified Protected Species Observers (PSOs) will be on duty around the clock. Geo SubSea and Coastal 35 Consulting will provide PSOs, while Smultea Sciences will train local and Tribal community members to increase workforce opportunities and ensure local knowledge is incorporated.

Initial site investigation surveys are scheduled for 2024 and 2025, beginning this month. These surveys will help determine optimal locations for wind turbines, anchors, and cables while minimizing environmental impacts.

RWE is collaborating closely with the local fishing and maritime industries to coordinate survey activities and minimize disruptions. Local commercial fishermen will also participate as Onboard Fisheries Liaisons to manage communication and coordination at sea.

This project represents a significant step towards positioning Northern California as a hub for floating offshore wind energy, with RWE leveraging its extensive experience in the offshore wind sector to drive sustainable development in the region.

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