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Wind Power Predictions and Gaps in Forecasting Research Workshop

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09:00-11:00: State of the Art and planned improvements

State of the Art and planned improvements for NWP

Helmut Frank (DWD), Malte Mülller (met.no), Clive Wilson (UKMO)

Wind Generation Forecasting at REE


Ana Rodriguez, Red Electrica de España

11:30-13:00: Industry experience

Challenges of integrating Wind from a TSO Perspective

Melih Kurt, Tennet Bayreuth

Significance of the forecast in the Short term Power trading

Efthalia Gogolou, Statkraft Germany

10 years of forecast use

Sophie Guignard, Maia Eolis

14:00-15:30: Meteorology gone wrong, and other views from forecasters

Wind power forecasting in a French context : meteorological feedback

Stanislas Siblot and Aurélien Bendaoud

Intraday Forecasts of the Wind Energy Production for Transmission System Grid Nodes

Stephan Vogt, Fraunhofer IWES

Perceptions on doing forecasting for the wind industry

Gil Lizcano, Vortex

Causes of wind power forecast uncertainty and how we can learn to deal with it

Corinna Möhrlen, WEPROG

16:00-17:00: What research and development needed to cover identified gaps

Preliminary results from the first interviews on the state-of-the-art use of uncertainties in the power industry

Corinna Möhrlen

Current use and gaps in forecasting – a discussion starter

Corinna Möhrlen, Gregor Giebel and George Kariniotakis

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