The UVIG Forecasting Workshop 2017

Applications and Value of Uncertainty Forecasts

Findings from the EIRGRID Met Mast and Alternatives Study

IEA Wind Task 36: Wind Energy Forecasting

Meteorological Data Collection: Results from Eirgrid’s Met Mast and Alternatives Study

Use of Probabilistic Forecasting Tools in Energy Trading

Corinna Möhrlen, WEPROG

Wind and Solar Forecasting Trials: Do’s and Don’ts, Part 1 Best practices

Tiffany Maupin, Vaisala Inc

Why Do Forecast Trials Often Fail to Answer the Questions for which End-Users Need Answers: A Forecaster’s Point of View

Craig Collier

Wind and solar forecasting trials experience: do’s and don’ts, Part 2

J. W. Zack

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