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First Monopile of îles d’Yeu and Noirmoutier Offshore Wind Farm Installed in France

The îles d’Yeu and Noirmoutier offshore wind farm in France has reached a significant milestone with the successful installation of its first monopile foundation at sea. This landmark event was carried out by DEME’s installation vessel “Innovation” on June 4th, as confirmed by Ocean Winds, a joint venture between EDP Renewables and ENGIE, dedicated to advancing offshore wind energy.

first monopile of îles d’Yeu et Noirmoutier project

The process began when the Innovation vessel arrived at the Port of La Rochelle on May 26. It was loaded with two monopile foundations and two transition pieces, essential components for the construction of the wind farm. After a 10-hour journey, the vessel reached the project area on May 29, where the installation of the first foundation commenced.

The installation procedure involved several meticulously coordinated steps to ensure safety and efficiency. Initially, the vessel was raised to stabilize it above the water’s surface. Following this, the installation jig was deployed, drilling operations were conducted, and the monopile was securely placed. Finally, the transition piece, which connects the mast to the foundation, was installed.

Stored at the Port of La Rochelle since April 5, the monopiles measure 7 meters in diameter and vary in length from 45 to 68 meters to accommodate the different depths of the wind farm’s location. DEME will continue the installation of a total of 61 foundations until early 2025.

To ensure the safety and compliance of the ongoing operations, two local companies are providing surveillance vessels. Alka Marine, based in Saint-Nazaire, has deployed the Alma Kappa, while Thomas Services Maritimes, based in Brest, has deployed the TSM Texel. These ships monitor the site around the clock, maintaining continuous communication via VHF radio.

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