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Jumbo Offshore Successfully Completes Monopile Removal at Yunlin Offshore Wind Farm

Jumbo Offshore has concluded the removal of two monopiles at the Yunlin Offshore Wind Farm (OWF) in Taiwan. The operation was performed by Jumbo Offshore’s DP2 Heavy Lift Crane Vessel, Fairplayer, which was mobilized from Europe specifically for this task.


The contract for the removal was awarded by Yunneng Wind Power Co., Ltd. (YWPC) earlier this year, expanding Jumbo Offshore’s previous work scope that involved the transportation and installation (T&I) of transition pieces. The monopiles in question had encountered issues during a previous phase of the project, necessitating their removal.

The removal process required intricate underwater cutting of the monopiles into sections, followed by recovery, transport, and offloading. This complex task was facilitated by reliable subcontractors and specialized equipment. Claxton Engineering Services provided an underwater abrasive cutting and lifting tool, IKM subsea supplied a remotely operated vehicle (ROV), and Reach subsea offered survey equipment. These tools enabled the Fairplayer to successfully lift the monopile sections into its cargo hold for transport to a local Taiwanese port.

From contract signing to project completion, the entire operation took just five months, including the vessel’s journey from Europe. Jumbo Offshore’s project management team and engineering construction crew played a crucial role in the successful and timely execution of the project.

“Our dedicated team worked solidly to support our client throughout the project and remained flexible. Achieving what you set out to accomplish successfully and on time is rewarding for the team. Delivering a safe and reliable service as promised is, and always will be our core commitment as a T&I contractor for the Installation and Decommissioning of future offshore wind projects,” said Milad Sheikhi, Head of Sales and Business Development at Jumbo Offshore.

YWPC’s Package Manager, Jochem Tacx, praised the collaboration with Jumbo Offshore, noting that the efficient and well-coordinated effort was instrumental in meeting tight schedule and budget constraints. He expressed optimism about continuing this productive partnership on future phases of the Yunlin OWF project.

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