Siemens Gamesa Announces 4,100 Job Cuts During Restructuring Efforts

Siemens Gamesa, the wind turbine division of Siemens Energy, plans to reduce its workforce by approximately 4,100 jobs, representing around 15% of its total staff. This decision was communicated by the division’s Chief Executive, Jochen Eickholt, in an internal letter to employees on Tuesday.


Eickholt highlighted the need for significant adjustments due to lower business volumes, reduced activity in non-core markets, and the necessity for a streamlined portfolio. “Our current situation demands adjustments that go beyond organizational changes,” he stated.

A spokesperson for Siemens Energy mentioned that the company would finalize the number of affected jobs after consultations with all stakeholders, declining to provide further comments.

This job cuts plan follows major restructuring moves announced recently by Siemens Energy, which indicated that such restructuring would involve staff reductions. Despite the planned cuts, Eickholt assured employees that efforts would be made to maintain the overall workforce size by reallocating roles and hiring in other parts of the division. This aligns with earlier statements made by Siemens Energy CEO Christian Bruch.

Addressing the challenges faced over the past year, Eickholt, who will step down at the end of July, acknowledged the difficulty of the announcement but emphasized the future prospects of Siemens Gamesa’s wind business, including its Onshore segment.

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