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GE Vernova and J-POWER Launch Ishikari Hachinosawa Wind Farm in Japan

GE Vernova and J-POWER have announced the successful launch of the Ishikari Hachinosawa Wind Farm in Hokkaido, Japan. The 21 MW wind farm, powered by five GE Vernova 4.2-117 turbines, has been operational since March 2024 and is expected to provide clean energy to approximately 7,400 households annually.


The project aligns with Japan’s goal of increasing its renewable energy mix from 36% to 38% by 2030. GE Vernova and J-POWER have been working together to achieve this goal, with this being their second project together. The companies overcame unique challenges due to the location’s heavy snowfall and blizzards, working closely to ensure safe construction and commissioning.

Gilan Sabatier, Chief Commercial Officer of GE Vernova’s Onshore Wind business, expressed appreciation for J-POWER’s continued trust in their technology. Katsuya Toda, Department Director of Onshore Wind Power Business Dept. of J-POWER, praised the partnership and committed to providing clean energy solutions in Japan.

GE Vernova’s onshore wind business has a global installed base of approximately 56,000 turbines and 120 GW of installed capacity. Their product portfolio offers proven, next-generation technology to drive decarbonization and sustainable renewable energy generation.

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